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Gila Bretter

Author and Artist


About the Author and Artist


I am a children’s book author and art teacher. In 2016, I was awarded the Outstanding Artistic Achievement for my art exhibition, “The Golden Tree.” When I was a child, I loved drawing outside in my parents’ backyard while listening to music. The yard around me would transform into a magical realm where only my paintings and I existed. I chased this magical feeling throughout my life, eventually choosing to pass my knowledge on by becoming an art teacher. My goal is to take my students on a magical journey. I encourage them to paint from their hearts and teach them to draw whatever is in their imagination. I motivate my students to free their minds to draw anything they feel in the moment, using whatever colors or methods they desire. I was inspired to write children’s books by my children, whose innocence and imagination opened up a world of fresh perspectives I admire and cherish. In my books, I take young children through a magical journey of self-discovery. Centered on common issues often faced by children, my books offer a wide range of solutions to help children cope. My vision and message to my students is clear and powerful: I am a teacher, but my students are the ones who teach me. They always remind me that there is a child that lives within all of us, one nurtured by magic and love. When I am not busy teaching, I spend most of my time playing with words, drawing, and listening to music. I am a wife to an amazing husband, a grandmother, and a mother to three wonderful children, whom I always tell to fly free, find their way, and not to be afraid to realize their dreams.


Current Books

Tom's Special Gift is currently available. 

This book is available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble,

Target, Walmart and many more online Retailers Globally. 

The Butterfly is currently available. 

This book is available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble,

Target, Walmart and many more online Retailers Globally. 


Gila's Art

Gila's Press


We live in a world of uncertainty and change. We experience the exhilaration of building and growth, but we must also withstand the sorrow of loss and devastation. Throughout all that we endure, Am Yisraelremains an eternal force in our lives, sustained by our love and faith, by our Torah and our heritage, and by the mitzvot we are committed to observe.

The golden tree against a backdrop of blue and red,symbolizes each of these dimensions of our existence.The tree, the neshama of our people, is everlasting. The roots of the tree rest in a sea of blue, representing thewater that sustains our neshama through ages of darkness and light, in periods of suffering and redemption. In the aftermath of times like the present, when a fiery redconsumes the forests of Israel, it is the water, our Torah and mitzvot, our good deeds and acts of kindness, that ensure continuity and rebirth. The crowning beauty of our tree, its golden leaves and the fruit it bears, our emunahand ahava, protect and adorn the nation, announcing to the world that Israel is eternal and forever rooted in a heritage that has spanned the ages. Conflict and conflagration will not destroy the tree of our people. Our destiny is safeguarded by the Torah that lights our lives.

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